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Prospect Research Workshop - 6th November 2019

 one-day introductory workshop on prospect research will be delivered by leading researchers, Rebecca Funnell of Telos Research and Robin Jones of Milestone Research, in central London on Wednesday 6th November 2019.

Prospect research is crucial in helping fund-raisers identify and profile likely sources of funding.  If you are considering incorporating prospect research into your fund-raising activities, or you are a fund-raiser who needs to do your own research into your prospects, or if you are a newly-appointed prospect researcher, this course is for you.  


There has never been so much information available to us, so much so that it can feel overwhelming. With this in mind, Rebecca and Robin will guide you through the myriad sources of information to give you the most efficient approach and the best resources.   


This day will focus on researching high net worth individuals, but will also be useful to trust and corporate fund-raisers, as for all but the most structured giving frameworks, the best route into a funder is usually through an individual. 




The workshop is interactive to keep delegates engaged, to help people to absorb information and to enable sharing of ideas and experiences within the group.   


At the end of the day you’ll go away armed with the tools to draft your own research plan, information about how to approach the thorny issue of wealth/gift capacity estimation, and the knowledge of sources you’ll need to face your next fund-raising research challenge. There is also a useful handout including a sources list.  


The cost of the course is £145+VAT including lunch and refreshments. There is disabled access to the venue.    

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